Welcome to The Bathurst Academy of Music

Guitar, bass, vocal lessons available (contemporary styles). Qualified teachers, professional studio facilities, affordable rates. Limited lesson times available, book now.

Boy with GuitarBathurst Academy of Music is the newest instrument tuition centre in Bathurst, offering students the opportunity to learn contemporary styles of music with qualified teachers, in a professional learning environment. The Academy aims to develop students' practical and performance skills on their instrument and an understanding of music theory, using the latest technology, teaching methods and a focus on the music of today.

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Lesson Details

Lessons take place on a weekly basis and aim to develop students' technical and performance skills on their instrument as well as an understanding of music theory. There is a focus on each student's individual interests and musical taste, and students are encouraged to learn the style of music they enjoy. Students can choose from one-on-one lessons, or learning with a group of friends for a discounted price.