What happens if I miss my lesson by accident?

If students do not turn up to their lesson unfortunately payment cannot be refunded. To minimize the instance of students forgetting to attend their scheduled lesson time, there is an option for students to have a courtesy reminder SMS sent to them the morning of their lesson. Young school children may need to be collected from class by their instrument teacher to ensure they do not miss their lesson.

What if I can’t make it to my lesson that week?

If students are unable to make it to their lesson and provide at least 24 hours notice of their absence, a new time will be scheduled and a make-up lesson will be arranged. If students miss their make-up lesson unfortunately they cannot be refunded for that lesson.

What happens if I sign up for lessons and pay in advance, then I decide to pull out?

If a student decides at anytime that they do not wish to continue lessons, they will only be charged for the lessons up until the day they withdraw and a refund will be sent for the remaining lessons purchased.